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The People Are Firm To Face Against The Terrorism

Jakarta, HanTer - O The  Terrorist of the Bekasi Group, on December 11, 2016  a group of terrorist of 10 people after a certain month of detection were captured by the Police Detachment of 88 mainly  in Bekasi and  individually in various places in West and East Jawa.  Accordingly this terrorist group is called the Bekasi Group. It is apparently one of the member of the Bekasi Group is a young woman. The cover up and the capture of all of the terrorist of Bekasi group was making the Police shared by various element of the society feel proud and happy.
However unexpectedly cynical issue has risen in a number of media that hurt the heart of the Police leadership.
The Police was disappointed
On December 12, 2016 the Chief of Police Gen Tito Karnavian  held a media briefing  informed the people about the successful security operation of the Police to cover up and to capture 10  terrorist in their Central Coordination House for their action in Bekasi and in other cities in West and East Jawa,  which  accordingly they were called as the Terrorist  of Bekasi Group.
That kind of briefing was a normal agenda of the Police to inform the people about important event that just happened in connection to the mission of the Police. The urgent information that was briefed on December 12, 2016 to be  the problem in line with the new cover up of the terrorist of Bekasi Group and the capture of its 10 members of the respective group, happened just on December 11, 2016 one day before. The security operation of  the Detachment of 88 to capture those  10 peoples  the members of Terrorist of Bekasi Group  was conducted on  December 11,  2016 the result was released to the media one day  after on December 12, 2016.
Unluckily on the night after the media briefing, there were   comment to be released by a politician popularly called Eko Hendro Patriyo who is  the member of the House of  Representatives of PAN.  He was reported  to say  that the Security Operation of the Police to capture the 10  terrorists of Bekasi Group is  a scenario to influence the people to forget the Court of Justice for Ahok presently. This Security Operation is intended to change the attention of the people to forget the Court of Justice for Ahoh, with another subject : the cover up and the capture of the 10 Terrorist Group in Bekasi and other cities in West and East Jawa.  The Police detected that those comment stated by Eko Hendro Prasetyo and instantly the Police Hq called  Eko to come to the Police Headquarters for clarification.
However Eko said to the Police that he had met those seven  media on line and those seven media on line confessed that the information they put on their media on line and to be said as the statement  of Eko Hendro Prasertyo, is not true. The further report about this publication has not yet known.However Eko is on the effort to demand the apologize of those seven media on line and to make effort to neutralize the earlier information that apparently is not true.
Another affect rose. The Chief of Police and other Police leaders were   angry and instantly  called Eko Hendro Patriyo to come to the the Police Headquarter for clarification,  Eko came to the Police Headquarter one day after, because actually there is a regulation, if the Police ask the member of the House to come to Police Headquarter for private legal problem  it should be approved by the President.
The important problem raised by the Police  apparently about  the statement that was said to be mentioned by Eko,  saying :  the security operation to cover up and to capture the terrorist of Bekasi Group is only a story created by the Police to change the attention of the people in order not to watch the Ahok court of justice. This statement could be considered as  as if it is not necessary for  the  people  to appreciate the hard work of  the Police who has cover up and captured the actual threat to the Country who has been existing among the people now.  However apparently the statement was not said by Eko Patriyo. Eko said those seven media on line apologize for the mistake but they had not told the source of  the information.
Observers thought people definitely highly  appreciate the success of the Police Detachment of 88, but maybe a certain people is sincerely hopes the Police should continuously safeguard the Court of Justice of Ahok from the possible unintended illegal involvement to influence the legal process of Ahok in line with its interest.
Accordingly observers tend to suggest a certain political tension that as if  to have  happened  between the Chief of Policed and the House of Representatives concerning the procedure that should be applied  by the Chief of Police if he want to call  any member of the House of Representative to be approved by the President is not necessary to be continued as a political  problem between two giant State Institutions. The Observer tend to remind that the two leaders of the two giant State Institutions to remember to the principles of our   national unity, that we should be loyal to the principles of integrity, solidarity and mutual respect.
Apparently the Police has always respected the House’s rule and order but the Police thought the statement of Eko Hendro Patriyo should be rectified urgently, because the Police is of the opinion that the   development of  threat of  terrorism in Jakarta is more actual and a serious problem that people should be informed. Observer tend to suggest just informal mutual understanding between the two leaders of those two giant State Institution would be more than enough.
The Chief of Police clearly said in various moment that there is not any story on terrorism is created by the Police, and the existence of  the terrorist of Bekasi Group  is a true fact and could be considered as the actual danger for the country.
The Pundits thought that it is  likely the public strongly wish to know about  the complete story of the terrorist of the Bekasi Group  in relations  with those security operation of the Detachment of 88  but just because of the security consideration it is  classified as secret. Because of this situation may be the information about the cover up and the capture of all the members of the terrorist of Bekasi Group is felt by the critical people as incomplete, just like a short story.
What is the way out to prevent the situation will not happen again. It is likely understood that the various classified problem concerning the Police Security Operation  could not be released to public. Accordingly the briefing of any Police Security Operation in the future is not necessary to be made. However it is an urgent responsibility of the Police  that  all of those suspected terrorist will be in a number of months to be sent to  Court of Justice.  In the Court of Justice people will know clearly the total success of  the Detachment of 88 to cover up and to capture all  the terrorists of the Bekasi Group. With such complete reference people will also understand the real danger of terrorism.
It is believed people will never forget that the Detachment of 88 is the only armed unit to crush the terrorist in this country. Vice President JK was firmly appreciated that  the terrorist threat are continuously increasing their power and their  capability but   the Detachment of 88 always crushed them before those terrorist threat being able to  act something disturbing our national stability.
The Specific Character of the terrorist of Bekasi Group.
After the intensive interrogation it was concluded a number of important point about the terrorist  of Bekasi Group  and one important activity that would be carried out in the coming  short days, have been detected.
One of among their target of operation was apparently to explode the Security Post of the Presidential Palace  that will be done by a suicide bomber . Amazingly the  member of the Bekasai group of terrorist  who will be  appointed as the Suicide Bomber is the young woman existing in the group.  A more clear information is still needed to make a clear description of the idea to  explode the Security Post. Assuming this information is true this is also indicating that the character of the terrorist in Indonesia is qualitatively increasing.
Fortunately the Indonesian detachment to crush the terrorist is also professionally increasing. All group of terrorist  was in general to have been covered up and it was crushed before any important activity was made. The use a woman as the suicide bomber is clearly a new modus of the operation of the terrorist but it will not increase the danger of  the terrorist threat in Indonesia.
The use of a woman as the Suicide Bomber of any terrorist action is considered tactically beneficial to te terrortist because a woman is not easy to be detected. Woman is also easy to hide among other group of woman. Accordingly in the security defend the intelligence have to increase their detection over any group of woman to prevent of infiltration.
The Special Police or the Military Unit thast is designed to face the terrorist they should be also professional in intelligent function. Intelligent is the key element  for their successful  operation both in an offensive and defensive mission.
In watching the situation it is important to watch also the woman and even the children. The record of terrorist activities in connection with the appointment to use  a woman or a child  as the suicide bombers it is  indicating the exploitation of a woman or a child it is not a new tactics. The security operation to cover up and to capture its members  is a preventive operation,  importantly to prevent any group of terrorist   to conduct its action in Indonesia. For this reason definitely the intelligent capability should be increased continuously.
The popular Cup-Bomb owned by those Terrorist of Bekasi Group
In the Security Operation to cover up and to capture the  terrorist of Bekasi  group, the Police also found the special bomb  called the Cup-bomb. It is said that kind of bomb to have the explosion effect up to 300 M. Based on media record,  this kind of bomb was used by the terrorist in Afganistan, Pakistan, Nepal,  India and the US. The Cup that  was used in the making of bomb  is a special cup with special equipment needed for making bomb. With its spectacular character of explosion the Cup bomb became  a favorite bomb  among the terrorist.
The killing effect of the Cup-bomb is spectacular. In  the terrorist  action of Mumba India on July 11, 2006 against a train, its explosion caused 209 died and 714 wounded.  On  April 15, 2013 in Boston, the US in a sport event, one emigrant  coming from the Chechnya, name Tsakarev to have exploded a Cup bomb affected 3 people died and 264 people seriously wounded. Also in the US  an identified effect of explosion tend to be concluded a Cup bomb was exploded in Chelsesa, the US on  September17, 2016 on a street with 29 people wounded.
The Observer were predicting those terrorist of Bekasi group will use that kind of bomb in their action in Jakarta. Those Observers are also calling the people to be aware to the terrorist threat and supporting the Police to prevent the danger. The Capability to  Prevent  any Terrorist Action to take place in Indonesia  is  the most essential Capability of the Detachment of 88. The capability to Cover Up and to capture all the members of the Bakasi Group of Terrorist is really the success of the Police to prevent this group to conduct  any action in Indonesia.
The various negative impacts if the explosion against the Security Post in front of the Presidential Palace  will be politically dramatic and downgrading the Indonesian image as the strong country. Accordingly the doctrine of Operation of the Detachment of 88 should be  firmly stressed  that the establishment of the Detachment of 88 is to  prevent the foundation  of any terrorist  group  to build up its power base in Indonesia, it should be demolished before it could conduct any action in Indonesia. For this strategic goal the intelligent capability of the Detachment of 88 and BNPT is definitely essential.
The Summary of the Observations
The statement stated by unclear person that said the Security Operation to Cover Up and to capture those 10 terrorist members of the Bekasi Group  is just a story to change the main attention  of  the people from the Court of Justice that legally processed  Ahok because of offending the religion to another spectacular issue, to be clearly just a kind of rumor to play off various group of the Indonesian society to weaken  the Police, the  Government of Indonesia and the national Unity, integrity, solidarity and mutual respect among of the Indonesian  as a whole. The political tension that happened among various group of people provoked by those rumor should be wisely  terminated.
The main armed unit to counter the existence of terrorist threat is the Detachment of  88  supported by the BNPT, the Indonesian National Military and the whole of the Indonesian nation. The Detachment of 88 should not be necessary to feel disappointed, because the people are respecting them. Though not all of the people  understand its complete function but the Detachment of 88  is respected  and trusted in their effort to safeguard the country against the terrorist threat.
The  terrorist threat in Indonesia is willing to continuously  increase. However due to  the active detection of the security counter intelligent for security and defence  most of the terrorist group have been covered up and captured and then sent to Court for Justice. Most of the terrorist group in Indonesia  could be covered up and captured before those  terrorist group to have chance to do something.
The existence of the BNPT is important  to continuously  build up the people awareness and alertness to the potential threat of the terrorist.  For this purpose BNPT is necessary to make the continuously research  and analysis to find all those necessary step to increase the people awareness and alertness against the terrorist threat. The international cooperation of the Detachment of 88 and BNPT  is  important for both to increase the strengthen of the profession and operational cooperation.
By : Erlangga Pratama *)
*) Written by the Political and Securiy Observer


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