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The Record on The Spectacular Action of The Suicide Bombers

By : Soedibyo *)

A number of months ago a child was exploited by a group of  terrorist as a suicide  bomber in a wedding party in a village located in the border between Turkey and Irak caused the bridge wounded and a number of guests were killed.

The terrorist has been apparently a real devil which acts as a human. Like in various terrorist action in the past  the unaware  suicide  bomber were used  to explode the time bomb to be tightened  on their body and when the suicide  bomber arrived   at the target the time bomb is exploded   by someone using the remote control.

The story of the killing of Prime Miister Indira Gandhi of India is the popular tragic history of a very-very important person many years ago. Those suicide bomber was likely an old woman who wish proudly to meet  Prime Minister, accordingly she agreed to bring a flower to be presented to  the Prime Minister.

When Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was about to receive the flower  those old woman was exploding. Apparently the old woman was unaware when a bomb was tightened on her body.  Clearly the Police could not ask her what was really happened because both Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and those  old woman died.

Another story was apparently important to be revealed. Sometime in the year before 2000 a handsome youth brought also a number of  bags full of flowers on a carriage entering the lobby of a luxury hotel in Jakarta and when he reach in the important part of  the hotel those handsome  youth was exploding. Certainly he died because a time bomb tightened on his body but it is  believed he understood what will happen and  he will die as a martyr.

Concerning the Child Suicvide Bom happened in Turkey it tends to believe the child was cheated to bring something to be presented to the bridge and the bridegroom. Those child was believed  to think nothing and even he did not  care  what is the content of the  parcel and maybe he never heard what is called as  a time bomb. We feel pity to the victims but  all of those tragedy had happened and it is impossible we help those victims. However we should make strong effort to prevent those kind of miserable story to happen.

For this purpose all of those story could be likely  to become the attention of BNPT in order not to take placed of among the people in our country.

Maybe not all people in the world know  what is the terrorist and the dervil which is flying in all around the sky to try to influence us to become their victims. It is definitely the holy mission of BNPT to show the people what is terrorist, where is the devil which will try to influence the human and  what is the time bomb and what is the suicide bomber.

*) The writer is a former BAKIN chief


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