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The Situation Of Papua on December 2016 (Review)

 1. General View
     In December  2016 a  number of mass action were reported to have happened in various part of Papua, such as Jayapura, Timika,Wamena and Manokwari expressing their various demands.  Though the situation were under control  and no riot to have happened, however it is reported hundreds of people were captured and detained because of demonstrating their hatred against the Government.
        The 55 th year of the Proclamation of  the Independence  of Papua was commemorated   on December 1,  2016    in almost  of all the  places of Papua. However no riot was reported to take place and in general the situation was  totally under control.
       However the lack of aggressive political spirit demonst
rated during the commemoration of the Papuan Independence to have indicated  the struggle for the Papuan Independence is facing the various problems affecting  the political setback of the struggle for the Freedom of  Papua.    In the  mean time the command of the Commander in Chief of the Revolutionary Army of West Papua and  concurrently is also The Commander in Chief of OPM,  General Mathias Wenda to the People who are supporting the Freedom Struggle of Papua to lessen the raising demonstration  of Flag of  The Glorious Star has also lessened the spirit to demonstrate the Flag of the Glorious Star in their mass action.                                                                                                                                                                                                              
      Meanwhile though a number of problem  in the relation of the political struggle for the Freedom of Papua to have emerged however the influence to the political situation will not  be likely spectacular.
      Though the security stability of Papua could be likely maintained  however  the vulnerable element are always existing and  threatening  the  security situation of Papua. This was indicating the situation was still uncertain.  
2.  The Security Situation on December 1, 2016.
       The   Chief of Police of The Province of Papua, covering also The Province of West Paua,  Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw in Jayapura on the early of December 2016   said that the commemoration of  December 1,  2016  had been conducted peacefully in line with the spirit of the Christmas Day. 
       He said December 1,   as   The   Special Day  of Papua  as the symbol of the struggle of Papuan and to have been commemorated with the raise of  The Flag of  The Glorious Star  yearly, it was not done as usual this Year. The Situation of Papua has been Peaceful and Calm. The Police  had not made any Special Security Action  or any other terminology  for the Special  Security Action in Papua this Year.
        According to the observation of Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw it was apparently the People  who was used to raise the Flag of The Glorious Star in  Jayapura, Wamena and  Timika to have changed their usual attitude  of raising the Flag of the  Glory Star  with reading the Bible and praying in the Church.
        Inspector General Paulus Waterterpau added that The Police asked the People who were  still against the Government to Unite, to Implement of  the Solidarity and to mutually respect with all the other groups in the Spirit of Christmas. It was a happy day  Christmas  comes and we are the Papuan will celebrate it in a the spirit  of Peace, Unity, Solidarity and Mutual respect among all the members of the Society According to Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw  the Papuan who were used  to  raise the Flag of the  Glorious Star  on every  December  1 of the year,  have been  also apparently  gradually left  the  classic activity.  
Inspector General  Paulus Waterpauw concluded his  remarks concerning the  situation of the December 1  2016  which run Peacefully and  Calmly, it was just because of the Spirit of Peaceful  Christmas.  The Situation of Papua  on December 1, 2016 was apparently no any  Raising Flag of The Glorious  Stars to take place. The raising  of the Flag of The Glorious Stars which was the classic security problem because the Government does not allow  the Indonesian Citizens to raise it,  this year it  apparently has not been raised   by those Papuan who are against the Country of Indonesia. The spirit of the Unity, Solidarity, Integrity and Mutual Respect derived from  the Spirit  of  Christmas   have apparently  to mark the peaceful and calm situation of December 1, 2016.
        However from the political point of view This Situation is likely also in line with the  command of the Headquarters of the Revolutionary Army of West Papua  / The Organization of the Freedom Movement of Papua (OPM)  concerning the raising of Flag of The Glorious Star on   December 1, that has been  commemorated by the group of Papuan  who were  against the State of the Republic of Indonesia every year.
3.   The command to lessen the  raising demonstration  of  The Flag of the Glorious  Star.
       On December 25,  2016  Commander  in Chierf of  the Revolutionary Army of West Papua, General Mathias Wenda  sent  the message to congratulate to  all  of the Papuan who are commemorating the  55  th year of the  Proclamation of the Papuan Independence, on December 1, 2016  assuming the Proclamation of  the Papuan  Independence  was December 1, 1961. In this message it was also repeated The National Identity   of the State of West Papua which were  announced to the World:  The Name of the Nation :   Papua,  The Name of the State :   West Papua, The National Anthem : Hai Tanah Papua, The State Symbol : The Bird of Mambruk, and The  National Flag :   The Glorious Star.
      The Headquarter of the Revolutionary Army of West Papua announced  its Messages as bellows : On the  Occasion  of Commemorating the 55 th Year  of the  Proclamation of the State of  West Papua  this is announced : The Commemoration of December  1  2016 should be implemented with Praying and Expecting God for her Blessing to the Papuan people. Do not raise the National Flag of The Glorious Star.  The National Flag is only raised in the important moment of the State Agenda. We should pray The Republic of Indonesia should  be  broken The Republic of Indonesia should be out of Papua. Papua should be Free and to become The Glorious Melanesian. These words should become the Praying Words. Support the ULMWP to Establish the New Government of Transition of the State of West Papua, in line with the new Law on  WP.  To Pray to God who create the Papuan People  and the Ruler of Papua for their blessing  to the Papuan.
           The Freedom of Papua has become the International Issue, as the result of our Praying. We should struggle cooperatively to thrown away our enemy out of Papua.  To support the ULMWP is the only way to reach the World Support. Those who do not support the ULMWP are our enemy because they are definitely    the part of the Colonialist.
          This document was edited and published  in the Headquarter of The Revolutionary Army of West Papua/The Organization of the Freedom Movement of Papua/OPM, on November 25,  2016   by the Commander in Chief of the Revolutionary Army of West Papua, General Mathias Wenda. The Observer tends to speculate what was the basic reason of those command.
4. The Clarification of the  Year of the Independent Day of Papua.
        On the occasion of to commemorate the  53 th year of  the Independent Day of Papua on December 1,  2014  Commander of the Revolutionary Army of West Papua/The Free Papuan Organization/OPM Gen. Mathias Wenda sent its congratulation to all the people of Papua.
       However Gen Mathias Wenda  reminded  all the People of Papua that December 1, 1961  is  not the Proclamation Day of the Independence of Papua. The Proclamation of the Independence  of Papua  was  done on  July 1,  1971. This  statement  was released in the Headquarter of the Defense Center on December 1,  2014  by Commander in Chief of the Revolutionary Army of West Papua  Gen. Mathias Wenda.
       Gen Mathias Wenda said the clarification of this historical moment had been agreed by all the  Papuan leaders   committed to the Proclamation of the  Independence  of Papua. However not any name of the leaders was mentioned by Gen Mathias Wenda.
        Gen Mathis Wenda also did not make any clarification what  is the urgent needs of the Clarification of the Proclamation year of the Independent Day of Papua in relation  with the present  situation of the struggle for the  Independence. 
       The Observer tends to speculate that  likely  Gen Mathias Wenda wanted to consolidate the National Leadership of the Freedom of West Papua : The Political Organization that lead the freedom struggle of Papua has been The Organization for  The Freedom of West Papua  founded by  Beny Wenda  in the  middle of 1971; The Proclamation of the Independence of Papua  was done by the political role of the Organization for the Freedom of West Papua under the leadership of Beny  Wenda on July 1, 1971; and The National Leader to lead the struggle for the Freedom of  Papua is Beny Wenda.
5. The  Analysis :
 Realizing  the announcement  of the Commander in Chief of the Revolutionary Army of West Papua/The Organization of the Freedom Movement of P:apua/OPM,  Gen Mathias Wenda command  was indicating  the Organization for the Freedom  of West Papua is facing a number of strategic problem but it has not indicated their struggle is weakening.
General impression is indicating : The will for the Freedom  of  Papua among the Papuan is still  eminent; However their capacity and capability of all aspect domestically and international are decreasing. There is likely a  lack of prominent leadership. The only influent leader now  is Gen Mathias Wenda, Commander in Chief of the Revolutionary Army of West Papua who  is concurrently  also the Commander in Chief of OPM; Until now there is no any one to be considered as the National Leader, such as Gusmao Xanana of East Timor (Timor Leste)  during the war against the Indonesian Army; The number of a field leaders is diminishing because of old; The potential conflict among the existing leaders who emerged from different background of their struggle silently is  existing; The  new generation  as the educated youth are increasing but likely they are lack of leadership talent for struggle in the jungle and the hill.  Unfortunately Beny Wenda  who was  the founder of The Organization for the Freedom of West Papua now lives in London and will never has chance to return to Papua or he will be captured by the Security apparatus; Portugal is a country that supported and protected the  East Timor leader, but not any country openly supports  Papua.
   The number of Papuan people, there is no formal number is announced but likely  it will reach  almost 5-6 million two time of the number in the beginning of the Reform period it was around 3 million. Papua has not yet developing significantly in order the Papuan people to have chance to solve their economic problem regionally.
By : Erlangga Pratama*)  


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