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Jokowi`s Challange Protecting Pancasila from The Intervention of Leftish and Rightish in Indonesia

By: Bayu Kusuma

Years have past almost seventy years later,  recently President Jokowi was complaining that the  democracy in Indonesia  had been excessively implemented. President Jokowi  said the utilization  of religion in the political rivalry is the example of the excessive implementation of the democracy. Accordingly President Jokowi had called the Religion should be separated from the Politics.

The people have been quietly rejecting President Jokowi statement, but one religion leader the Chairman of the Indonesian Council of Ullema (Chairman of MUI) who is close to President Jokowi was trying to support President Jokowi, saying  President Jokowi is actually reminding the Indonesian to the danger of the rightist radicalism that  is now potentially emerge.

President Jokowi is definitely true but unfortunately politically   it  is unlikely accepted by the majority of the people  when  Ahok  to be protected by the Government   because  Ahok  is  considered  to be threatened  by the rightist.   This reason was rejected by many people because the problem  of Ahok is purely political  game that discrediting  the religion. The   people were angry  because Ahok   who knows  nothing about  the Verse of Al Maidah   Article 51  to have been  discrediting  The Verse of Al Maida Article 51 in his political effort to influence the people of the island of “Seribu” to elect him in the first round of Regional Election on February 17, 2017.

Obsever think President  Jokowi is true because Ir  Soekarno and Drs Moh Hatta had done similarly almost seventy years ago. But  however the Government policy protecting Ahok  to be considered by many peoples  as definitely wrong because Ahok  is considered by many as the cunning and tricky politician who is trying to manipulate the religion.
Responding to President Jokowi  remark analyst tend to consider  the mistakes has  definitely taken place  in the implementation of the Political Reform started in 1998 when  whatever changing is free to be done included in term of the national philosophy.

Not any political authority to protect Pancasila even the so-called  the Reformist  accused someone who is protecting Pancasila is atualy protecting General Soeharto political interest.  It  has been  worse  people also could not expect TNI as the country struggle power to do something to protect Pancasila because TNI is no more  political power, TNI is just defense  power even TNI is not security power.

TNI has no any political right even for protecting Pancasila. Dual Function should not likely to be revived but the function of TNI as the country struggle power mainly to protect the National Philosophy of Pancasila   should be politically re-emerged.

Definitely the  situation of  to day  to have given chance to the rightist and to the leftist to infiltrate into the Pancasila trying to turn Pancasila leaning  both to the rightist and also to the leftist.  It was definitely very surprised. The speech of Megawati in the anniversary  of  PDI-P has been protested and someone was going to report  Megawati to the Police because Megawati to have been considered insulting the religion. The way of Megawati socializing  Pancasila with discrediting something she called as the close ideology sounded clearly as the leftist political campaign.

Observer tend to predict Megawati unconsciously has been likely influenced by the memory of the past when she was the member of a Political Party  applying  Marhaenism ideology   as the Marxism applied in line with the Indonesian condition or the document that was read by Megawati to be made by someone who is leaning to the leftist.

According to former State Intelligence Coordination Agency (BAKIN-red) chief, Lieutenant General (Ret) Soedibyo, now political freedom is clearly vulnerable for the potential disintegration or break  downing  of  this country. We certainly hope our National Philosophy of  Pancasila  are strong enough to unite the People and the Country of Indonesia as a Nation living together in one Unite Country of Indonesia.

It is now  definitely important the socialization of Pancasila   to be done  as it was done in the New Order era. Pancasila should not turn to the rightist ideology  but  Pancasila  also  should not definitely be turned  as the leftist ideology.

The leaders of  the People’s Consultative Assembly have started to socialize the so-called Four Pillars of Our Country in various forum, it is definitely hoped it is not just the agenda of the activity of the Leaders of the  People’s Consultative Assembly but  it should push to become  the National Agenda, compulsorily done by all the Citizens and organizations.

How should that kind of the National Agenda be done that is the  question  that all the High State Institutions ( mainly The People’s Consultative Assembly, The House of the Representatives, the Council of Senators and The President) to answer it.

Last but not least, recently across provinces in Indonesia, we were heard about the intention of all of people to insist the center of government to abandon the leftish or the rightish groups in Indonesia such as the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) supporters and symphatizers across Indonesia with several of cover operation and cover job, and the rightish groups such as the Islam Defender Front (FPI) and Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia which one of organization know by the people of Indonesia as a transnational organization because these groups genuinely comes from Middle East and all of the government in  Middle East had been rejected and abandoned those organizations.

So, finally all of people of Indonesia just waiting the firmly and the seriously even the brave of their government to fulfill their demand. Hopefully.

Writter is a Cersia’s researcher. Lives in Jakarta.


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